All classes are from 9:30am-12:30pm.


2-Days: T/TH = $195/mo

3-DAYS: M/W/F = $245/MO


5-DAYS: M-F = $385/MO

Tadpole (2 yrs 9 months)

Enrollment for the Tadpole class starts at two-years nine months. The Tadpole class meets on Tuesday and Thursday. The children are introduced to a structured classroom with a nurturing environment that focuses on age appropriate activities. The program combines learning through play, encouraging communication, curiosity and creativity. The monthly themes inspire many learning opportunities. 

Sea Star (ages 3-4)

The Sea Star program addresses the emotional and social needs of children through creative play within a planned and structured classroom. Our classroom provides many activities and opportunities to discover math and science concepts, discover language skills and learn socially.

The curriculum is planned around monthly themes, in which the classroom changes every month to help coincide with the learning theme of the month and help reinforce what the children are being taught. The sensory table, art projects, dramatic play and library changes monthly.

The children are introduced to the alphabet, patterns, counting, shapes and colors. They are taught finger plays and songs monthly, that will help them learn how to memorize and repeat. We have art projects that involve cutting, painting, gluing, coloring, writing and tracing. Children learn how to recognize their name and begin to trace/write their name by the end of the school year.

dolphin (PRE-K, ages 4-5)

The Pre-K program addresses the learning, social and emotional needs of each child through creative play within a planned and structured classroom. It offers Kindergarten readiness by changing centers and exposing them to pre-kindergarten skills.

Our goal is to have our Pre-K students prepared to be successful in Kindergarten. The beginning of the day in our Pre-K program begins with free time that transitions into center time. There are 2-3 center tables that all reinforce different Kindergarten readiness skills that are taught by our Pre-K teacher and overseen by our workday parents.

Some of the skills the Pre-K students will focus on are as follows:

  • Social skills: taking turns, sharing, helping others, listening while others speak, working together, being independent, having patience, being responsible and trying new things.
  • Pre-math skills: numbers and counting (1 to 31), sorting shapes, colors, comparison, sizing, patterns, matching and recognizing numbers.
  • Pre-writing (fine motor skills): drawing, painting, using scissors, gluing, lacing, beading, tracing, writing and puzzles.
  • Pre-reading skills: Left to right eye movement, letter recognition, upper/lower case, sequencing, reading and writing their name, rhyming words, opposites, and following directions.