Parent Opportunities

At Seaside PPNS, parents and guardians are responsible for fulfilling all the functions necessary for running the classroom, with the guidance and instruction of the Director.
Members of Seaside PPNS elect a governing Board of Directors that assumes various
oversight duties, which are outlined in the school's Bylaws.

Being a participation preschool member means giving an extra bit of time and in return,
creating an enriched learning environment for your child.


participation requirements

  • One parent works 2-3 times per month. On your work day, parents are required to come to class 15 minutes early for set up, and stay 15 minutes after for clean up.
  • Any adult working in the classroom with the children is required to be Infant and Child CPR certified.
  • One parent must attend Seaside's monthly General Membership Meeting, which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.
  • Parents are required to participate in and attend our Annual Fundraiser each year.
  • Each family must work one clean-up day. Four clean-up days are scheduled throughout the year on Saturdays beginning at 9am.
  • Each family is required to take responsibility for a chairmanship and is responsible for the duties of the chairmanship for the entire school year.
  • Each working parent must have a TB clearance form on file at school, which is required by Social Services.
  • Be up-to-date on immunizations OR submit a signed waiver.
  • All parents are required to uphold Seaside's Code of Conduct.